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Project Description
This project contains an analysis tool which aims to look at the source code for your BizTalk solution (or possibly any .net solution) it will then identify the types of files within the solution and use different techniques to measure their size and complexity.

Once the report is generated you will easily be able to see a breakdown of the files in your solution ordered by their "relative complexity".

Different files are measured in different ways, for example C# and BizTalk Orchestrations and Maps are measured using ABC analysis to measure the number of assignments, branches and conditions within the code which is a good measure of complexity where as some files are measured in terms of their number of lines of text.

There is a wiki article all about the theory behind this project idea and how to use it in your solution or extend it to do other things. The core aim however is to provide metrics to help answer the following questions:

1. How complex is my solution
2. How does one solution compare against the others I have developed
3. As a code reviewer which are the more complex artifacts which I should focus my time reviewing
4. Has my solution got more or less complex over time and as things are refactored and new changes implemented
5. How big is my solution
6. How many resources should I need to support this solution from a development perspective even if there are no changes

There is a full whitepaper about this approach available in the downloads section or on the following link:!1820&parid=983A58358C675769!1819

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